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The EPS ticket

An EPS Ticket has 25 codes for traffic offences, whose fines vary, depending on the offence committed. The codes range from Ugx 20.000/= to Ugx 200.000/=, which the offender has to pay or clear within 28 days.

Payment for an EPS Ticket automatically leads to closure of the offence.

Failure to pay an EPS ticket may lead to;

  • a surcharge for late payment of 50%,
  • motor vehicle impoundment
  • denial of licence renewal,
  • court charges

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To know your EPS status, either;

  • Use the UPF Mobi App, (available on Google Play Store)
  • Visit the nearest traffic office
  • Check with any traffic officer, with an EPS tracking gadget

Payments can be done through

  • the bank
  • Mobile money
  • Pay way
  • Any Agent banking dealer

This Article Also Answers the Following Questions :

  • How to know your EPS status
  • Where to pay for EPS tickets

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