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Step 1: Access eGP on via your browser

Step 2: Click the [Register as Supplier] button to register your personal information with a valid email.

Step 3: Open your email (used in step 2) to access the verification link.

Step 4: Select whether you are registering for a company or an individual. If registering a Ugandan company, you need the corresponding URSB and URA TIN. Tap the validate button against each entry to retrieve your company information.

Step 5: Upload the mandatory documents in the prescribed formats.

Step 6: Enter all the required information for the Representative/Secretary as well as the Approver/Director. Where a company is owned by another company, provide the other company’s details by clicking the Add More button under Organization Owners/Shareholders section.

Step 7: Enter the turnover details of your company for the past 2 / more years where applicable.

Step 8: Select a business category of your choice to reveal the list of sub-categories that you must select from. You can choose more than one category and multiple sub-categories.

Step 9: Enter company experience in terms of past projects where applicable.

Step 10: Verify and confirm the information entered, accept the terms and conditions. Click the Submit Form button.

Step 11: You are redirected to a payments page. In case you already made a payment, select the payment mode of “other” and attach your receipt and click the Submit button.

If you hadn’t paid, choose a payment method of “other” and select the Generate PRN button, get a PRN (Payment Registration Number) and Payment advice slip, make a payment with a mechanism of your choice and select the Submit button.

Step 12: Upon approval by PPDA, a system generated certificate will be sent to your registered email. A copy of your certificate can also be accessed under your company profile. The certificate can be viewed / saved / printed.

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