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Why Invest in Uganda

  • Fastest growing economy in the East African Community with a GDP of over US$ 40.43 Billion (WB, 2021).
  • FDI inflows in Uganda have consistently increased despite the Covid-19 Pandemic Example: From US$807.00m in 2019 to US$ 1.14Bn in 2021.
  • FDI inflows in Uganda continue to increase due to Uganda’s liberalised business environment and increased regional trade.
  • Uganda is the 2nd most bio-diverse country in Africa.
  • Uganda has the lowest labour cost in the EAC region.
  • Uganda has the highest adult literacy in EAC, workforce aged 15-24 about 90%.
  • One of the best tourist destinations in the world.
  • Uganda is the Number one, regional leader in Capital Markets Growth.

Sector Investment Opportunities;

  • Agriculture Value Addition
  • Energy
  • Edible Oils
  • Electronics
  • ICT
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing (Industrial Parks, Pharmaceuticals)
  • Tourism
  • Services (Health, Education, Financial)
  • Infrastructure development & housing.
  • Minerals value addition

Investment Process in Uganda

  • Company incorporation: Register your company with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)to acquire a Certificate of Incorporation. 
  • Tax Registration: Register for a Tax Identification Number (TIN) with the Uganda Revenue Authority
  • Acquire an Investment License from Uganda Investment Authority for both domestic and foreign companies.
  • Secondary Licenses: Companies operating in some sectors and jurisdictions may require additional secondary licenses such as electricity, Health, Education, Mining, Financial Services, etc.
  • Work Permits: All foreign nationals intending to work in Uganda must ensure that they are in possession of the relevant work permit.

Requirements to Acquire an Investment License

Domestic companies are required to meet a minimum threshold of US$ 50,000, while foreign investors must demonstrate a commitment of at least US$ 250,000.

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