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Step 1

At the District

The Applicant goes to the District Land Management office or District Land Board (DLB) to pick the following forms, fill and submit them to the District Land Board for processing:

  • Form 4 – Application for conversion from customary tenure to Freehold tenure/Grant of Freehold.
  • Form 10 – Notice of Hearing of Application for Grant of Freehold.
  • Form 19 – Freehold offer.
  • Form 23 – Demarcation form for Certificate of customary ownership/Leasehold/Freehold
  • After processing, the DLB will return the fully completed forms to the Applicant for onward submission to the Ministry

Step 2

The Applicant must have in his/her possession;

  • Fully completed Forms 4,10,19,23.
  • A set of 3 authentic Deed plans.
  • 3 Passport photographs.
  • Receipts of payments.
  • A forwarding letter requesting for a Freehold title signed by the secretary, Uganda Land Commission, or the District Land Officer of the respective District where the land is located.

Step 3

At the Ministry

  • The Applicant presents the full set of original documents in Duplicate and a photocopy of the same to the Department of Land Administration for checking.
  • The photocopy is stamped ‘Received’ and returned to the Applicant.
  • The Applicant checks with the Department of Land Administration after 10 working days to confirm their approval or rejection.
  • A letter explaining rejection is written and all documents are returned to Applicant for correction and re-submission.

Step 4

Office of Titles

  • Once approved, the documents are forwarded to the Department of Land Registration (Office of Titles) for issuance of a Freehold Land Title.
  • The applicant checks after 20 working days.

Step 5

  • The Applicant presents the photocopy given to him/her by the Department of Land Administration stamped ‘Received’ and identification documents on collecting the Freehold Title.
  • The applicant signs for the Title and the photocopy is stamped ‘Returned’ on completion.

Documents required

  • Form 4, 10, 19 and 23
  • Set of Deeds Plans
  • Set of Passport Photographs
  • General receipts of Payment
  • Requesting Letter

Fees paid at the Ministry / District

  • Registration fees: 10,000/=
  • Assurance of Title: 20,000/=
  • Issuance of the Title: 20,000/=

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