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  1. The role of NWSC

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) is a Ugandan public utility company, established in 1972 under Decree No: 34. Revised in 1995, it aims to provide water and sewerage services in Uganda on a commercial and viable basis.

  • How to get a new connection at one’s premises

Visit the NWSC website, navigate to New Connection, followed by Apply Now, and fill out the required details in the form.

  • How to get a metre separation

Reach out to your respective relationship manager; they will guide you accordingly.

  • The cost of a new connection?

The cost of a new connection will vary according to the size of the metre and the consumption category. The price of the materials varies depending on the distance from the customer’s house to the main water line.

  • Connection time-frame

Connecting the service and metre installation will be done within seven days upon full payment of the required costs.

  • Available options for clearance of NWSC service consumption and non-consumption charges

Payments can be made digitally via the MTN Mobile Money platform, VISA, or MasterCard.

  • How to Pay with MTN Mobile Money
  • Dail *165#
  • Select Payments
  • Select Utilities
  • Select NWSC
  • Select your area.
  • Enter your customer number.
  • Enter Amount
  • Approve with your PIN.
  • Circumstances under which a connection can be terminated

You are eligible for disconnection if you have a balance carried forward from a previous bill.

  • The reconnection timeframe after the illegal connection fine has been paid

Ans: On the NWSC website, under the account profile, you will find the contact details of your relationship manager. Get in touch and they will advise you.

  1. Bill Estimation

Ans: Your bill is normally based on an actual reading of your water metre. However, an estimate is used when your metre is inaccessible on the day it was scheduled to be read.

  1. How-to Sign-Up Service Account

Ans: Landlords are required to activate their account for e-services, where tenants are encouraged to avail their details through the Signup option. For landlords, an OTP code will be sent to the contact that is attached to your account.

  1. The NWSC Service account

Ans: With the NWSC Service account, you should be able to view your consumption trends, outstanding balance, and transactions (historical bills and payments, customer statements), predict monthly bills, report concerns, and access corporation social media pages.

  1. Password Recovery

Ans: Visit the NWSC website and use the option Forgot Password on the Sign-in screen; provide your customer reference. An OTP is sent to the contact that is attached to your account.

  1. Queries concerning accounts

Ans: Reach out to NWSC by filling out the feedback form on their website, chatting with our readily available customer care team on the NWSC website, or through any of their social media pages.

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