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Getting a driving licence

  • Duration
  • 1 hour (Kampala)
  • 48 hours (Upcountry branches)

Renewing a provisional and full driving licence

  • Timelines
  • Learner’s licence: 3 months
  • Full driver’s licence: 2 years (after expiration of Learner’s licence)

Driving with a learner’s licence

NB: Motorcycles with learner licences may be ridden unaccompanied.

Driving licence applications and renewals

  • Done in-person (licence owner): UDLS Main Branch and Regional Offices

No online applications

Exchanging a foreign driving licence for a Ugandan driving licence

  • Requirements
  • A valid driver’s licence from the country of residence
  • 18 years of age, as set out by Ugandan law.
  • A valid visa or work permit with a validity of at least one day

Retrieving a driving licence number

  • Requirement
  • Original national ID (or passport or refugee card, for foreigners)


Renewing the lost original driver’s licence

  • Requirements
  • A police letter or report

Acquiring more than one class of IOV at the same time

  • Costs
  • IOV driving test: UGX.25, 000 (each)
  • Class extension: UGX.121, 000 (each)

International driving licences

  • Issuer: Automobile Association of Uganda.

UDLS services

  • Documents needed
  • Renewal
  • Original Expired Licence
  • National ID
  • Proof Of Payment
  • Learner/provisional licence
  • National Id
  • Proof Of Enrollment In A Driving School
  • Filled out an application or medical form.
  • New driving licence
  • National Id
  • Certificate of Completion from A Driving School
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Proof Of Payment
  • Filled out an application or medical form.

Payment for UDLS services

  • Any bank (preferably Diamond Trust Bank or Bank of Africa).
  • PayWay or using mobile money

NB: No CASH is received at any of the UDLS offices.

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