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The Uganda Science Innovators’ Award is premised on celebrating Ugandans’ innovation efforts as well as inspiring young innovators to activate their abilities and contribute to technology development in the country. The award corresponds to the Minister of Science Technology and Innovation-Office of the President (ST&I-OP), Hon.  Dr. Monica Musenero’s reflection on Uganda’s Aspirations and Pathways to Vision 2040 in her famous saying; “Africa needs African minds to solve African problems.

The award is positioned to align with the National Science Week and the World Science Day for Peace and Development Celebrations commemorated on 10th November, annually. The event recognises indigenous innovations utilizing local content for national economic transformation. This is the First ever National Science Innovations Awards

The following categories have been identified and earmarked for the awards: Pathogen Economy; Engineering; Mobility; Beauty and Apparel; Digital Economy; and Agro-Security. Additionally, to augment the position of scientists in the country, We have two special award Categories; The National Woman Innovator's Award and the Uganda Science Ambassador Award.  These awards were chosen on the basis of the findings from consultative meetings undertaken by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation- Office of the President,  with Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies in the identification of priority industrial value chains for the country.  Twelve winners will be obtained from two age-groups i.e. above 18 (18+) and under 18(<18), one from each category.


The awards will be;

  1. Cash prizes that will be tagged to efforts to support the innovators to improve their prototypes, register their innovations/ patents, support them with incubation, commercialize their products.
  2. Practical 3-6 months technical training to improve the innovators’ skills be given in the form of incentives to upgrade the capabilities of the innovators. A practical approach will be employed that should offer measurable outcomes.

Objectives of the Award

  • To recognize outstanding innovators and innovations
  • To earmark innovations for scaling up and commercialization purposes
  • To create visibility of Ugandan capabilities in technology development and innovation
  • To inspire Ugandans especially youth into technology development and innovation

How to submit

Steps to follow when submitting the nomination of your innovation (either by self -innovator or other person- nominator)

  1. Record a video of the innovator explaining the innovation in strictly not more than 2 mins (120 seconds)
  2. The recording could be shot using a phone or any other gadget that can perform the service
  3. The video quality should be excellent and the sound audible.
  4. Share the video on email or WhatsApp: 0414 670 288
  5. Details of the Innovator which should include;
  • Name
  • Age
  • Phone Number
  • District
  • Category of innovation



Preliminary Assessment - Longlisting

Shortlisting of Top Six Per Category by Panel of Domain Experts


Pitching Live to Panel of Judges
01.11.2021 Hosted by Makerere University

Public Vote for Top 3 Per Category


Award Ceremony by HE Y.K Museveni at Kololo Air Strip

Announcements will be on T.V, local radios, newspapers and social media platforms

The Award ceremony will be presided over by His Excellency the President of Uganda, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on 10th November, 2021 during the commemoration of the World Science Day for Peace and Development at Kololo Independence Grounds


  • The shortlisted candidates will face a panel of Judges who will give a verdict based on the presentation, capability and knowledge of their innovation.
  • The top three candidates per category per age group will be shared with the public for final voting.
  • Media profiling for each innovator will be done as well as that of the STI Science Ambassador.
  • All successful winners including the Science Ambassador will be given a slot to exhibit their innovations at the World Science Day Celebrations on 10th November, 2021.

Award Categories

  • Pathogen Economy

    Awards in this category will go to the innovators with innovations targeting disease control an...

  • Engineering

    Awards in this category aim at recognizing innovators with technology related innovations in re...

  • Mobility Economy

    Awards in this category recognize innovations that augment the national mobility ecosystem alon...

  • Beauty and Apparel

    Innovators with innovations in cosmetology and textile processing will be earmarked for this aw...

  • Digital Economy

    The digital economy awards will be given to innovators who demonstrate high aptitudes in design...

  • Agro-security

    Awards in this category will value innovations in agro processing, agribusiness, soil conservat...

  • Women Innovators Award

    This award will go to a seasoned woman innovator. They should have registered at least a patent...

  • STI Science Ambassador

    This award will recognize the most outstanding scientist in Uganda for their contribution to sc...